Bob Cohen  •
What is your favorite place you’ve traveled?  South Africa
What is your favorite wine to enjoy with friends?  Something most people have not tried in the past. A wine that will open their eyes to how great and diverse the world of wine can be..
What wines/regions/varietals are you most excited to talk to your buyers about?Piedmont/Tuscany/Rhone
Where were you born/raised?  St. Paul, Minnesota
What activities do you enjoy in your free time?  Living
What was the last great wine you enjoyed? Recently a  friend of mine brought a 1990 La Tache, it was spectacular! 
What is the most interesting wine you ever tasted? 1896 Chateau d’Yquem. It was, obviously, a rare experience. It was not showing an abundance of fruit but the wine was sound and to just have the opportunity was a memorable day in the life of a wine lover.
How did you first fall in love with wine?  In college I was curious about wine. I purchased some books on wine and studied.. I then went to Kick’s Liquors in Minneapolis and asked questions. The owner was amazing. Patient, guiding and full of information to learn. I would then buy a bottle and enjoy it with friends. That may have been with dinner or with some cheese and a baguette on the banks of the Mississippi River. Then it was time to go back to Kick’s for my next class.

  Lawrence Moller • Denver South Sales  •

After working as a consulting geologist, I found my way back to restaurants and eventually to wine. While working at the Denver restaurant Acorn, an interest in wine blossomed into a passion and I began focus a great deal of my attention on everything wine, from the production, to the history, to the regional differences, to the winemakers. I think the greatest thing about wine is that it is so much more than a beverage; it is a story of history and geology with many layers. The wine world is dynamic, and its constant evolution intrigues and excites me. Every day with wine is an opportunity for learning, and I find that aspect both enjoyable and humbling. It also helps to live and work in Colorado where I can balance my work life and my personal life. If I'm not working, you may find me out enjoying one of the myriad activities offered in our backyard, including: mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, trail running and/or backpacking.

Matthew Cohen  •   Vail Sales  •
I have grown up in the wine and restaurant industry with a lot of family influence. Colorado born & raised.

What was the last great wine you enjoyed?  -I have recently had some seriously lucky encounters in the past few weeks. I got to do a vertical of Shafer Hillside '91-'04 ('92 & '94 were amazing). '82 BV Cab in the same evening. At a recent wine party titled "Bring that Bottle" I was lucky enough to taste a '98 Guigal Rotie Brune et Blonde as well as an '01 Grand Cru Gevry-Chambertin.

Front Range Team

  Matt Nuss •  Durango, Grand Junction, Telluride Sales  •

Erin Collins  •  Mountain Sales Manager  •
I first fell in love with wine after I bought my wine store!  I love the passion involved in wine, growers, enologist, and consumers.   When people get excited and share their passion at all levels in the process of wine! 

What is the most interesting wine you ever tasted? My "wine epipheny" was Clape Cornas.  It all clicked after that...stunning wine!

Jenn Mena-Wenstrom  •  Boulder Sales  •
I was extremely lucky to have been raised in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado and then moved to Lakewood to attend college at the University of Colorado at Denver, graduating in 2003 with a B.A. in International Relations. During my college years, and a few beyond, I worked as a server in a fine dining restaurant which is where I first cut my teeth on what wine. I spent 13 years as a successful fine dining restaurant professional, wine director, General Manager, and Sommelier in the Denver Metro and received my Level 2 Sommelier certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers in 2009.
I have two boys, 7 and 11, and, along with my husband we try to experience active adventures as often as possible. In my spare time, I am an active Yoga-goer, passionate about traveling, experiencing new places and cultures, and in our beautiful Colorado summers, I love to take my boys and dogs hiking, camping, and on adventurous road trips.

What wines/regions/varietals are you most excited to talk to your buyers about? 1) I really love the versatility of Northern Italian Whites, i.e Cortese, Soave, and Arneis. 2) Provencal rosé will always take up a big spot in my heart. 3) Bubbles of all sorts. They are food friendly, go well with any celebration, and generally make a person happy.

​​Holly Jurecko  •  Aspen/Roaring Fork Sales  •

I studied Fashion Buying and Merchandising at FIT in New York City and Fine Arts at Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado.  I then managed and eventually owned a gourmet kitchen store in Crested Butte, Colorado.  That's where I really developed a passion for cooking and wine.  In 2009 I moved to Paonia to grow and process food.  I also hosted many gatherings on my farm, catered private parties and worked as a baker.  I especially enjoyed frequenting the wineries of the West Elk AVA and occasionally pouring in the tasting rooms.  I started to sell wine for 2 small distributors and covered a large area circling Paonia.  I loved driving around the state to the beautiful towns of Crested Butte, Telluride and Aspen.  I moved to Aspen in 2014 and began selling wine for Veraison in the fall of 2015.

What is the most interesting wine you ever tasted? Zyme from black to white

Callie Raymond  •  Denver Southwest Sales  •
I am a very fortunate Colorado Native who found my way to the world of wine through traveling... surprise, surprise! After studying Public Relations at the University of Colorado at Boulder, I decided to leave town and backpack South America. Seventh months later I found myself backpacking Australia... I stayed there for two years and found work on a vineyard in the Yarra Valley. That’s when I finally decided I could let “real life” set-in. Wine has always felt like a hobby rather than a job, and i am grateful it has brought me back to my home state of Colorado. I love living life very hard and fast, but always making sure there’s time to enjoy a few wines along the way. 

Meet Bob Cohen

I'm born and raised in Colorado. I grew up in the liquor business, started at Applejacks when I turned 21. Quickly went into wine sales and never looked back. I've covered almost every area in Colorado, been in wine sales for 23 years. I recently moved to western slope and absolutely love it out here. I love the outdoors and love to fish and hunt. I've been to Italy, France, and Spain on various wine trips.

Jim Windham  •   Sales Manager, Front Range 

Allyson Yund  •   Central Denver Sales 

Ana DeLorme  •   Northwest Denver Sales 

Darby Gould  •   Colorado Springs North Sales 

Scott Palfrey  •   Colorado Springs South, Pueblo  Sales 

Kim Obert •   Summit County

Jessie Ransom  •   Central Mountains/ Gunnison/ Crested Butte Sales 


Stephanie Mitro  •  DTC/South Denver Sales  •
I was bitten by the restaurant bug in 1994 which lead me to the New England Culinary Institute in 1997.  After that, I moved to Napa, CA in 1999, worked for various & sundry restaurants, retail food & wine shops, Robert Sinskey Vineyards.  I returned home to Colorado in 2006 to become a chef-instructor for Work Options for Women in 2008, started a family in 2012, joined Veraison 2014!

How did you first fall in love with wine? Moving to Napa after culinary school & learning how food and wine can create magic

Outer Territory Team

MoJeaux, DMS  • Company Canine •  Vail, Colorado  
 MoJeaux is a Libra who enjoys long walks and Champagne. He's also Veraisons top Canine Wine Critic, bringing such noted credentials as DMS and the highest ranking recognition from the C of CC, Court of Canine Critics. Mojeaux has gained wide acclaim for his renowned Tail Wag Rating System

What was the last great wine you enjoyed?  Whatever spilled on the floor

What is the most interesting wine and food pairing you've ever had?  Yamhill Pinot Noir with Iams grain-fed dog  niblets for small to medium-size dogs 

What do you like to do in your free time?  Relax, hang out with my friends Art, Boone & Missy


Born and raised in Wisconsin, I have been out in Colorado since 2010.  I love a small community with a small family vibe, which is why I am excited to join the Veraison team.  I have always enjoyed wine and am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and travelling to the places of which we get our incredible wines from. I am also excited about our small spirits portfolio, and the creativity that it will bring to our awesome spread.  When I am not working, I am spending time with my dog, Budo, outside rafting, camping, hiking, cross country skiing, and exploring the beautiful state we live in!

Trevor Martin  •  Denver Central Sales  •
I'm a proud Colorado native with a passion for food and wine. After graduating high school I attended culinary school and refined my skills in the kitchen. It was through food that I discovered my absolute passion for wine. In search of more knowledge I attended the International Sommelier Guild where I received my Sommelier diploma in 2005. I decided to turn my passion into a career and began working in various facets in the wine industry starting in retail and moving over into wholesale. Over the course of my career I've been lucky enough to be able to travel extensively throughout some of the best wine regions of the world. These experiences have only expanded and deepened my love and knowledge of wine and food. But one can't sustain on wine alone, so enter whiskey. Much like wine, whiskey is a product of its environment and understanding those differences is fascinating to me. Sharing my knowledge of wine, whiskey, and food with my friends and family is one of life's great pleasures. If I'm not working hard in the industry or playing hard in the beautiful Colorado Mountains I'm likely planning my next dinner party
What wines/regions/varietals are you most excited to talk to your buyers about? My passion is European wine in general because they showcase a sense of place unlike most New World wines