Featured Spirit of the Month


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​Our featured Spirit of the Month is El Buho Mezcal! ​El Buho, Spanish for “the Owl”, is revered in Mexican culture as the spiritual link between the living and the dead,  carrying souls from the living world to the after life.

While traveling across southern Mexico in 2007 learning to cook traditional farm-to-table cuisine, NY-based Michelin star chef and mezcal connoisseur TJ Steele found the source provider for an excellent Espadin mezcal in the Jimenez Mendez family.​

​The Jimenez Mendez family has made mezcal in copper pot stills for five generations and are currently teaching the sixth. Patriarch Octavio Jimenez Monterroza presides over each batch made by his children Jose Isaac, Beatriz and Luyo as the family works as a collective unit.